Ways to play

How to Play

At Timezone there's more than one way to play - load up and play with any dollar amount on any game, or buy a timed play package in store that gets you set games (Timed play not at all stores).

Once you've loaded money (minimum $1 for first load) onto your free Timezone Powercard, swipe your card through the game swiper to start your game. The price of the game will automatically be deducted from the funds you've loaded on your Powercard.

Any Powertickets you win on games offering them are automatically on to your card.

If you purchase a Timed play package, just swipe your card on the games included in your package and your game will automatically begin. Just remember that no additional Powertickets are awarded during game play with this offer.

Each machine has a coloured swiper, with each colour representing a game category:

Load up

Load up any amount to play, a first load is $1, after that you can load any amount you like.

Some load up amounts carry additional bonus for example, Double Dollars days.

If you load up money on your card, each time you swipe the price of the game will automatically be deducted from your Powercard.

The credit lasts 12 months from purchase.


Got time to kill? Get more bang for your buck when you purchase a timed play package in store.

Timed Play Bonus Deals are available all day every day, starting from just $8 for the Kids Pack!

There's a Timed Play offer to suit you - check them out in-store.
(Not available at Timezone Hunters Plaza, Timezone Courtenay or Timezone Rotorua)

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