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The Fast and Furious Twin Driver by Betson

The Fast and Furious Twin Driver

Recent driver games have been trying to incorporate the idea of Street car racing and car modding into their games because of the success of the movie "The Fast and the Furious".

This game has a great license to back it up, but that is not the only reason why this game is so good. One of the things that makes this game, is the fact that you can play the game many different ways. You can play the game for fastest time or you can play for most air time. There are several categories that you can aim to excel in and there is a different leader board for each category.
Game comes out as a twin unit

A big part of the game is the ability to increase the performance of your car by modding it out. You can purchase new tires, a nitro system and even ground fx. You can make your car as unique as you want and the more races that you win, the more money you get so you can trick out your vehicle even more.