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House of the Dead Version 4 by Sega

House of the Dead Version 4

Hot on the heals of Ghost Squad ; Sega have released another exciting gun game.
House of the Dead 4 is here.

Category: Gun shooting game
Console : machine-gun controller
System board: Lindbergh
The features;
- 62 inches wide monitor
- 1280x768 high resolution monitor
- Because of Lindbergh, we are success to bring many zombie into sight.
- New type gun controller - Player can play long time because the gun is trimmed weight.
- The gun type is machine-gun and subweapon is grenade
- Not just shoot but shake to escape from zombie when the player cathced by them.
- It has 6 stages
Size: W 1,570 x D 1,871 x H 2,237