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Initial D Version 3 by Sega

Initial D Version 3

Sega's InitialD 3 is a ?one on one? competitive race game which takes place on a mountain course.

Based around the characters from a famous comic strip, the player?s goal is to beat the rival and become the legendary fastest driver. InitialD 3 also has a revolutionary card system, which allows players to return to the game at a later date - wherever they last saved in their previous game.

The card system allows players to build a totally unique custom tuned car that is personal to them. The information is stored on the paper credit card with a magnetic strip similar to those issued at car parks.

Players have a choice of car manufacturer, car colours, sponsor and parts to tune the car. Each time they race the car the player accumulates competition points which allows them to add new parts and service the car - allowing players to improve their performance in each level.

Players that developed their cards on the original InitialD versions are able to use them on the sequel.

InitialD 3 features the new courses Dosaka Pass and Shomaru Pass, and new course conditions - such as snow on the Akina road. The game boasts new cars including Lancer Evolution 5, Lancer Evolution, 6TME and Skyline 25GT-T.

A new feature to this version of the game allows players to challenge their opponent at any time.