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Wheel of Fortune Redemption game by Betson

Wheel of Fortune Redemption game

Based On The Hit TV Game Show
Players will experience all the excitement and thrills of the Mega-Hit TV Game Show Wheel of Fortune! A brightly lit, replica wheel with ticket values, makes this cabinet stand out anywhere it is placed on location. Players position themselves in front of a player station, equipped with a 32" LCD touchscreen panel, directly in front of the wheel.

From this panel, players will begin by selecting regular "Wheel of Fortune" or risk more with the "Double Play" option which allows the player three spins to maximize and double their ticket winnings. Just like the show, a puzzle will appear with a category. Players will then spin the brightly lit, colorful Wheel of Fortune dial to activate the replica wheel. Authentic game sounds will delight players and onlookers as the Wheel gradually slows down to a ticket value.