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Willie Wheels by LAI Games

Willie Wheels

First, players choose a driving course from among three "worlds" of varying difficulty levels. A special "Car Auto-move Mode" can be selected to help younger players successfully navigate the track. The journey takes place on an impressive 32-inch video screen, where players meet a colorful cast of characters while testing their driving skills. At the end of the game, players receive a colorful Willy Wheel driver's license, there are 26 different licenses to collect.
Compact & Eye-catching Plastic Molded Cabinet Fits a Wide Variety of Venues, e.g. Amusement Locations, Shopping Malls, Cinema Lobbies, Bowling Centers, Retail Outlets, Kiddy Ride locations etc.
Vivid 3D Game Environment & 6 Colorful Car Characters to Entice Kids from 3 to 8 years old.
3 Game Levels (Easy - Little World, Medium - Sweet City, & Hard - Amazing Adventure).
32" LCD Display Mounted at Kids' Comfortable Eye Level.
"Car Auto-Move Mode" Helps Amateur Drivers to Complete the Track.
Safe Plastic Steering Wheel, Accelerator and Horn Simulate Real Driving Experience.
Comes with 1000 pcs colorful Willy Wheel driver's licenses
Operator Adjustable Settings.
Coin, Note Acceptor and Swipe Card Ready.