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Maxi Tune 3 DX+ Version by Namco

Maxi Tune 3 DX+ Version

Well you have all been waiting for it, then next upgrade to one of the best
driving games of all time.

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 3 DX

New Features:

* New Course - Nagoya Speed Racing
Undulating straights! High-Speed tight cornering! Banked Turns! This course
is the perfect blend that brings out each car's true potential.

* New Cars - The Hottest new cars are immediately available
Mitsubishi "Lancer Evolution X"
Subaru "Impreza WRX STI"

* At long last - 825 HP!! Story Mode
New Stories "Ishida", "Zero for Roads", "FD Master" 100 episodes.
Tuning Gauge +1
825 HP is released at last!
Finally, a new award has been added - "Undefeated"!

*Both Ghost Battle and Versus Modes have new features!
"Maxi Coins", "Motif Wallpapers". and more have been added.
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