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Sega Rally 3 by Sega

Sega Rally 3

This is the latest version of Sega Rally in twin can be link up to 3 twins.

The new game is ported on the home game works on PC system with excellent graphic.

Player has the choice of 6 licensed world rally cars plus two secrete hidden cars to be discovered.

The game has 3 different game modes to select:
Championship - Single player; Work your way through the field and beat the check point and advance to the next stage, come first overall to unlock a Head to Head race on the secret Lakeside track.
Quick Race - 1-6 players; three challenging tracks - Tropical, Canyon, Alpine, all varying in difficulty.
Classic - Relive Dessert'95 Head to Head / 1-6 players.

This game played really well, the feedback and general feel for the player was excellent. The game struck a nice balance it's not too hard but good enough for beginner to advanced player.
Overall the game looks very good especially in Sd version