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Rock 'n' Moon Rally by CCL

Rock 'n' Moon Rally

Rock'n Moon Rally has all the ingredients needed to be a spectacular success on your location, it has;

Great 'breeding' (Spacey Racers)
Unique, competitive gameplay
Looks fantastic Quality built with great attention to detail
Style that will not 'age'
And above all else, it's great fun to play for all ages.
Rock N' Moon Rally will catch the eye in any location, it's 5 ft. wide and 4 ft. deep and game play is almost exactly the same as Spacey Racers -- a race game in which the faster the player spins the trackball, the faster his character will peddle their bike around the track. The game is completely operator adjustable for tickets, though factory settings pay out a larger number of tickets to the winner while second place also wins some tickets so kids never walk away empty handed. The race itself is one lap around a track woven through the "moon" in space. A highly animated robotic announcer who sits perched high above the racetrack calls every race. At the end of every race the winning character will do a victory lap signifying his win.