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Nascar - What a Driver- what a Title by Global VR

Nascar - What a Driver- what a Title

Nascar is one of the most popular televised sports in the world.
It has over 100 million fans worldwide.
The concept has a 50 year history.
In the USA alone -last year fans spent over $3 billion dollars on Nascar licensed products.
? Now we have "Nascar-The Driver"
? easy to drive- hard to master.
? high speed driving.
? full in the groove action.
? full "drafting " excitement
? full roster of actual USA tracks and drivers
? superior graphics and realism.
? the dedicated unit features a 42" LCD screen with full "Nascar" control panel.
? force feedback steering and a 4 speed shifter.
? links up to 8 units
? available in a standard, Deluxe and Moving Super Deluxe configuration