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Fast Track-Prize vendor by LAI Games

Fast Track-Prize vendor

The final version of Fast Track has a Stacker type Start/Stop button were players actually control the action on the playfield by stopping the moving cube, a much better format.

The game, like Stacker has 4 major and 6 minor prize arms, the theme of the game is based on a road race were players attempt to complete the race within the allocated number of try's.

Players can take short cuts to the finishing line [Win Zone] using bridges on the playfield, the playfield has also some road detours that add to the challenge, all designed to make the game interesting.

Fast Track has also a few nifty features that are Operator selectable.

1.The game can start either at the beginning of the race or at a point where the last player left off - good feature to entice players to play again.
2.There is a setting that allows players to take the minor prize at any time before the last try, unlike in Stacker were you had to qualify first to get a minor prize.