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Lets Go Jungle by Sega

Lets Go Jungle

-Monsters ranging from a towering praying mantis, mutant frogs and blood-sucking leeches attack these tourists en route through river rapids, cavern ruins, bluffs and more.

-The game is part of the LindberghTM hardware system family, a high-spec circuit board delivering incredible animation movement and detail in every scene. Game play is designed to display a sense of speed and inundating attacks. However, Lets Go JungleTM is the perfect balance between a challenge and victory. The design and game features appeal to players of all skill levels.

-The cabinet resembles an eccentric utility vehicle and houses a bench seat for two players, a 50" projection screen and 5.1ch surround sound. The environment creates an "in-scene", realistic experience for players. Lets Go JungleTM is also made private with curtain doors adding a sensational experience for all. But those waiting in line can witness game play through the vehicles rear window.