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Aliens Extermination by Global VR

Aliens Extermination

The world seems familiar, but the scenario is not. Since the Marine's last visit, the "Wheland Yutan Corporation", reprogrammed an army of synthetic humans to stop anything from getting in the way from the Company's development of their deadly Bio Weapons. It's not as simple as just killing Mother Alien any more.

Game Features

Force Feed-back Gun Action
2 player simultaneous cooperative action
Original licensed characters
Colonial Marines, Face Hugger, Warrior Aliens, Eggs,
State of the art arsenal includes:
M41-A Pulse Rifle, Flame Thrower, Grenades, and Missile Launcher
Power-up for Health, Ammo, Grenades, Missiles, and Flame Canisters
4 Levels of Nail Biting Action
Two Different Play Modes - Story and Chapter