Community Fundraising

Certificates of Excellence

Here at Timezone we're all about having fun and love to get involved in the community.

Our specially designed Certificates of Excellence are a great way to acknowledge and reward kids and they're sure to love the tear off $5 Timezone voucher.
Great for sports teams, clubs or even your school class.

Just drop us an e-mail telling us what you'd like them for - we'll need to know a few details i.e. sports groups how many teams x how many weeks and so on, then we can look at seeing if you qualify and sort the correct number to provide for your needs.

email about certificates here

Put the Fun back into Fundraising at Timezone!

Every club wants to come up with new and exciting ways to raise money, so we've got a great idea that's not only easy and risk-free but also serious fun! (Sorry this offer is not available at Timezone Rotorua or Timezone Courtenay)

WHAT WE DO: For just $10 a ticket we'll supply 2 hours of fun and entertainment at your local Timezone store, including unlimited gameplay on most machines plus $5 store credit for our premium games.

HOW YOU RAISE FUNDS: Sell on these tickets at your desired rate, (we suggest $20 or more) with the difference going straight to your cause or fundraising effort. For example if you sell 50 tickets at $20, you'll have raised $500 profit! What's more it's risk free as you only pay for the tickets you pre-sell.

Sound good to you? Then contact your local centre today to book your fundraiser party!

Minimum of 15 per group

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